Become a g-1 Franchise

About Becoming A Franchise

Gallery One has recently launched a franchise program in key territories. The opportunity is to be part of a growing network, strong brand and new market niche with proven potential.

You can find out more about owning and operating a Gallery One franchise, by reading the Franchise Overview document, click here to download the pdf.

If you would like to discuss the franchise opportunity, write to outlining your position and your market. Include your contact details and we will be in touch with you.

The Cost

The cost of a g-1 franchise will vary according to where you are and how big you want your gallery to be. g-1 charges an initial fee for becoming a franchisee and then charges a management fee based on gross revenues.

The cost of store fit-out and the initial stock are the most significant start-up costs. We can help you negotiate an appropriate lease, estimate store fit-out costs and advise on optimising stock levels, particularly in the early days.

We want our franchise partners to succeed and we work hard to minimise the cost of joining g-1. You will be buying a proven system and we provide the time, the expertise and the manuals to support you every step of the way.


We recommend that you start your business with proper planning. We can help you with the financial modeling and cash flow projections. We will give you scenarios based on your actual costs and encourage you to use this information to properly forecast your business performance. We do this after we have entered into an initial agreement and once we are certain there is market potential in your chosen Territory.

Download PDF

You can find out more about owning and operating a g-1 franchise, by reading the Franchise Overview document.