Gallery One Retail stores resonate with the vibrancy of art gallery shops and merge this with regional & cultural relevance. We retail high quality contemporary and trendy art from in-house design teams and regionally-renowned modern artists. Our 3 core categories – Wall Art, Small Art and Home Décor – include the most on-trend creations in a product portfolio of over 1,000 items.

Staying fresh is imperative for us. We live in a fast-paced world and Gallery One constantly converts daily inspirations into art. Continually updating our collections, designs and materials is a deep-routed principle within our business.

Gallery One’s success is attributed to our ability to emotionally connect with our customers. Knowing what our customers want and being able to deliver it – from spacious and inviting galleries to innovative merchandise to friendly, sincere, and knowledgeable retail teams. Our galleries are ‘experiences’ where passersby can come in, appreciate amazing displays of artworks, learn about local artists’ lives and influences, get to know our teams, relax as they wander through the exhibits, and select the artwork that now means something to them!

Gallery One Retail is expanding globally under the new franchise model. Having a variety of store formats ensures Gallery One retail stores are suitable for large malls, smaller community malls or within established department stores, airports and hotels.

Our current portfolio of galleries includes (click the shop name for map):

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